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Dr. Nada Bou Khaled


    Consulting Sessions:
  • Bio-Energy
  • Bio-Medicine
  • Quantum
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Milta Middle East

Milta Middle East previously known as Milta Moyen-Orient was founded in 2001 as an exclusive official representative in the Arab countries, Morocco, Algeria, the African continent, Guinea, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Rwanda. and part of the Middle East for the Association of Quantum Medicine and the Revolutionary Contemporary Medicine Technologies.

Milta Middle East is dedicated to providing Lebanese and regional health institutions and professionals with the latest equipment and innovations in Quantum Medicine. We also establish centers for Quantum diagnosis and therapy.

Our Major Directions

  • Promotion of Quantum Medicine products into the market.
  • Organization of medical diagnostic centers.
  • Education and information work for the implementation of Quantum medicine methods to medical practice.
  • Physician training.
  • Request for specific development in the products based on the market needs.
  • Development and publication of popular scientific research and methodical guidelines on quantum medicine in the region covered.
  • Work with business partners: The Company successfully works to set up a sub-dealer network. Our representatives operate in many countries and it is continuously expanding.

Milta Middle East has achieved success in a very short period due to being the only company which works with this New Field of Contemporary Medicine with such High Scientific proficiency. We recruit medical consultants in all specialties, collect cases and data from physicians applying this type of medicine, and prepare seminars, workshops, and educative courses for potential physicians and health institutions.

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